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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

76th & Good Hope - Update

I spent a little more time at 76th and Good Hope Road because I was bothered that I didn't know a few of the business names and was worried I didn't do a good enough review. The extra time still confirms my last post, that there are some great developments, but the intersection needs some work!

The South side of Good Hope frontage looks great, with Andy's and Home Depot's outlot building. The best of those outlots is the brand new Starbucks. 76th street still needs to be cleaned up though. That one old Chinese restaurant really looks bad.

The gas station I couldn't remember on the northwest corner -- the name of it is "Good Hope Mart". I guess that's why I couldn't remember the name. It looks horrible too! Anyone want to own a gas station? Just look across the street at Andy's to see what is possible. Andy's always has at least 10 cars at the station itself, plus people in and out at the small units in the strip.

I also said the NE corner was the least utilized. That is only kind of true. It actually has a large strip mall deep set from the corner. It just doesn't look very nice. It fits right in with the "Good Hope Mart". The US Bank right on corner is plain, but would look nice if the rest of the corner was more attractive.

In summary, a new gas station, an updated stripmall, and few renovated buildings would make this an attractive commercial pull.


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